Desire's story

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Desire's story

I came to England to give my daughter a better future, so all her dreams could come true. But when I came I never thought I would become homeless.

We were living with my aunt; we didn’t know anyone else here. I gave her some money but I knew it wasn’t enough for her – she didn’t really care about us. I will never forget the day she asked us to leave her house. I packed our bags and we left, with nowhere else to go. We slept in the park for a couple of nights and then on the Monday morning I went to the council and they were able to offer us somewhere to stay. I started to have hope, I saw the light through the darkness.

We were living in a hostel when we first met Jackie and Gill. They would come and see us every week and would bring us food parcels. They would also read letters and make calls for us because I couldn’t do it myself.

They have given me a lot of support and we have created something very strong between us.

I wasn’t able to speak any English so my daughter would come with me everywhere so she could translate for me. I was afraid to learn, but Jackie told me there was somewhere I could go to learn, I was really happy! Now I’m not afraid to go and see the doctor or go places on my own. I’m very proud of myself!

Things were going well until immigration told us that my daughter had to leave the country – I don’t have any family apart from my daughter. When she left, I lost my mind but I was lucky that Jackie and Gill have been here to support me through this difficult time.

They have been here when I’ve been sick, happy or sad – they are like my family. They have given me a lot of support and we have created something very strong between us. If I have a problem, they always sort it out for me, they are the best people I’ve ever met.

Keyworker's comment

Desire moved to the UK from Mauritius to escape domestic violence. She has a British passport so was allowed to stay in the country. When we first met, she had very poor English. Her daughter, who was living here at the time, had to translate for us. We helped them set up a life here.

We found a place which taught English and helped Desire attend classes which has completely turned her life around. She absolutely embraced it! She then started a job doing house-keeping in a hotel, and was able to help other staff there who had language barriers.

Following the deportation of her daughter, we have found a charity which we hope is going to help Desire bring her back.

Since her English improved, our time together is a lot lighter, she has a great sense of humour so we are able to laugh together now.