Jamie's story

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Jamie's story

Life was fine. We had a place to live and I was working and supporting my family. Then there were changes at work, they reduced my hours and I couldn’t afford the rent anymore. I explained to my landlord at the time that my situation had changed, but we lost our home because we couldn’t pay the bills.

I had a number of different jobs which were really long hours and zero hour contracts, which really affected my benefits – it was so stressful. There were lots of sleepless nights not knowing when the next lot of money was going to come in. Me and my wife were stressed which meant it had a knock on effect on our daughter. It was a nightmare.

We were eventually assigned a Support Worker – that’s when wonder woman came in and saved us from all the bad things!

My Support Worker Jackie has helped us a hell of a lot. We are now living in temporary accommodation and we are a lot happier. When we moved in we didn’t even have a cooker, but Jackie helped us get one. She’s also helped us out with food parcels and things when money is tight. I used to really struggle with managing my money but I’ve gotten a lot better thanks to Jackie.

...that’s when wonder woman came in and saved us from all the bad things!

Now, I’m managing to be happy a lot more and I’m able to talk about things rather than bottling it up and making it worse. I missed out on so much when my daughter was a baby, so now I just want a 9-5 job and get my life back on track. Transform is amazing, it’s helpful to know that when you’re feeling really down, you’ve got someone to look out for you other than your family. Someone who you can turn to for help and who knows what they’re doing! If I’ve had a bad night, or I’m feeling stressed, Jackie just cheers me up!

Keyworker's comment

When I first met Jamie and his family they were very stressed. They weren’t coping well with life in general, but were unsure about receiving support from us.

Once we started to work together all of that changed. I have worked with them on lots of different things including money management, and budgeting as well as giving them emotional support through some really tough times.

Since the first time I met them, they are much happier. They aren’t as anxious anymore and the entire family are enjoying life again.