Tom's story

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Tom's story

Before I came to Transform I was a carer and a Team Leader at a care home. Everything was fine but then there were changes at work and eventually I lost my job. I became quite ill and I ended up having quite a few epileptic seizures which got me down. I ended up getting depression and eventually I tried to commit suicide because I was so low.

I was living with my parents at the time and our living arrangements were really difficult; I was sleeping in the dining room, I felt really isolated. My family didn’t really know how to cope with my depression, but my older sister was really good, she did lots of research about it and always tried to get me out of the house.

I have also started volunteering for St John Ambulance Service and I love it! It can be tough some days but I really like helping people.

I was eventually moved to a bedsit just to get out of home, but I ended up having a seizure in the shower and I wasn’t found for two days. It really wasn’t the right place for me, so eventually my mental health nurse referred me to Transform. I came for my assessment and within two hours I found out I could move in!

Before I came I was feeling quite nervous, but as soon as I moved in my life changed! I was so relieved that I had a proper flat and not just a bedroom. I’ve become quite house proud, I enjoy cleaning – it really helps with my depression. I feel more comfortable being in my own place, and having the support around me that I need. My family isn’t too far away but it’s nice to have that bit of distance between us.

It’s also great being with people who are going through similar things. I really like how laid back it is, we have such a laugh. I get a lot of emotional support from the staff here which is amazing. They’ve also helped me sort out my benefits and stuff because it can be really complex.

My life has completely changed. I now go on holiday once a year to Country and Western conventions – I love the music and line dancing! I have also started volunteering for St John Ambulance Service and I love it! It can be tough some days but I really like helping people.

I’ve got a lot of things to look forward to, my sister is having a baby and I can’t wait to be an uncle. I’m also hoping to train to be a paramedic – that’s my next mission. 

Keyworker's comment

When Tom first came to Transform he was ready to make a change in his life. He wanted to start managing his own environment and take better care of his mental and physical health. He quickly benefitted from the sense of community generated by living in supported accommodation but also from having his own space in his own self-contained flat which helped to reduce his feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Tom has made the most of the support we are able to offer and has engaged well with the support from staff and other clients.  We have assisted him to feel more in control of his finances and provided him with regular emotional support which has helped to increase his confidence and self-esteem.

Now, the work we do together includes helping Tom to feel more confident about managing his physical health issues. He also benefits from being able to off-load and discuss some of the inherent stresses involved with his work with St John`s ambulance service. We are happy to help in this way as his work is a major contributor to Tom’s wellbeing and he is clearly committed to his role and valued by others for the work he does.  

It’s a pleasure working with Tom and being part of the progress he’s making in his life. In the future I can see Tom moving back to independent accommodation and I hope he will be successful in pursuing his goal of becoming a paramedic.