In a major stride forward in its green journey, Transform Housing & Support has become Carbon Neutral by contributing to four, UN and UK-verified carbon offsetting projects. Carbon offsetting is when an organisation compensates for the environmental harm its emissions have caused. 
In a move which further bolsters its activity in Dorking, Transform Housing & Support has taken over a small housing association in the area.
Transform has welcomed a new strategic leader to its ranks. Ollie Smedley – formerly the Deputy Chair of Transform’s Board – has stepped up into the role of Chair of the Board of Trustees following Mark Austen’s recent retirement after six years in the role.
I am filled with immense pride at the milestones we have achieved together main priority is to ensure both clients and colleagues are able to achieve the best for themselves...
Transform aligns with my values and experience and it was the right fit for being a trustee.
Two people with a strong connection to Transform have left donations in their wills to Transform. The money, which together totals more than £113,000, will be used to provide housing and support services to vulnerable and socially excluded people in need.
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Construction on eco-friendly, modular build for single parents and young people progresses rapidly