Clients help Transform provide tips on saving energy, preparing for blackouts and preventing damp and mould

As we all know, the cost-of-living crisis is hitting hard, especially for those in society – like many of the individuals who Transform supports – who are particularly vulnerable.

The UK has been alerted to the possibility of energy 'blackouts' (power cuts) and we know that this winter is proving extremely challenging due to the sharp increases in energy costs. As a result, many people are choosing to limit their use of heating in their homes.

Unfortunately, though, unheated rooms and cold surfaces lead to condensation which if not dealt with can create mould that is hazardous to health when its spores spread through the air. The dangers of mould were highlighted recently when an inquest found that in 2020, two-year-old Awaab Ishak, from Rochdale near Manchester, had tragically died from a respiratory condition caused by exposure to mould in his home. 

With input from clients who are members of our Client Forum, we have created these tips, hints and guidance for clients, colleagues, friends and family on how to:

In addition, we have produced this information sheet on preventing damp, mould and condensation and tackling it as soon as it appears. The sheet covers:

  • condensation – what causes it and how to prevent it
  • mould – what it is and how to get rid of it
  • how to eliminate damp and mould
  • Transform’s damp and mould support

If you are a Transform client struggling with your bills, please do contact your key worker or local team who will be happy to support you.

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