Meet the Trustee: Alec Sanderson main priority is to ensure both clients and colleagues are able to achieve the best for themselves...

Alec Sanderson, Trustee

Tell us a bit about your background

I was an apprenticed avionics engineer many moons ago and have spent all my working life in tech, now mostly software. I started my first business in 1986 which was a software company and have done many things since then.  I am what might be called an entrepreneur. I still advise businesses on technology and have sat on several boards of tech businesses as a non-exec director, I have also sat on several charity boards as a trustee. I teach at ULC on the masters entrepreneurship course running the tech entrepreneurship module.

What interested you in becoming a Transform trustee?

My background is from a poor family but I always had a roof over my head and my family’s support but I have seen, first hand, many disadvantaged people without these things and I know that it is vitally important to have a place you call home and feel safe. I knew of Transform via another charity and was pretty impressed with the work we do and when Lawrence asked me if I might consider sitting on the board I said yes straight away!

What do you see as being the main challenges for Transform and the housing sector now and in the next few years?

The world is changing faster now than at any time in the past, especially with technology, and all organisations face issues with the rate of change, us included.  Specifically though, the future is more uncertain now with issues such as war, climate change, food and water shortages and the cost of living (not to mention a pandemic which may happen again) so these all mean that a strategy can need to change quite quickly.

What do you see as being your main priorities as a Transform trustee?

I think that my main priority is to ensure both clients and colleagues are able to achieve the best for themselves and we provide the best support and environment we are able to. This is certainly not easy in current times!

Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about?

The focus we have on clients is very healthy and I would never want to lose the personal touch as I think that is just too easy to do when faced with constant changes and financial issues. I have really enjoyed my (short) time so far and hope that continues. We have an excellent team.

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