Meet the Trustee: Sanjay Gulati

Transform aligns with my values and experience and it was the right fit for being a trustee.

Sanjay Gulati, Trustee

Tell us a bit about your background

I am a Senior Executive with comprehensive leadership, strategic, organisational development, and change management experience. I've worked in voluntary, public and private sector in the UK, Canada, and Ireland.

What interested you in becoming a Transform trustee?

Having worked in supported housing and homelessness services for many years and after becoming a member of Chartered Institute of Housing, I wanted to share my experience at the strategic board level of the local social housing charity. Transform aligns with my values and experience and it was the right fit for being a trustee.

What do you see as being the main challenges for Transform and the housing sector now and in the next few years?

Challenges for Transform during the current climate would be: Getting all the portfolio to net zero and EPC level C, having the right mix of portfolio for the people we support and finally aligning the growth of the organisation in line with the community need to address homelessness.

What do you see as being your main priorities as a Transform trustee?

To contribute effectively and constructively challenge the information presented to the Board. To ensure that the risks identified are managed appropriately for us to be an effective organisation to address the community needs.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about?

Some years ago, I ran a successful program called 'Anything Possible' where we worked with people who were within our supported housing, explored their experience and worked on the strength-based approach. Using their skills, set up the program as a paid for service in the community. Hope we can start something like this at Transform. Empowering and giving hope to clients.

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