A message from Transform’s outgoing Chair

I am filled with immense pride at the milestones we have achieved together

Transform’s recent Annual General Meeting marked my retirement from Transform's Board so I believe this moment serves as a good time to reflect on my tenure as a trustee at Transform, including six years when I had the privilege of serving as Chair of this exceptional organisation. I am filled with immense pride at the milestones we have achieved together and the honour of contributing to supporting thousands of homeless and vulnerable people is something I will always cherish.

When I joined the Board in 2015, I brought with me many decades of experience largely in the financial sector with the hope that my insights would help inject a further sense of business acumen to the organisation. Two years later in 2017, when I assumed the role of Chair, I wanted to build on this and my main focus was to champion a comprehensive modernisation programme at Transform. This was targeted at new processes and ways of working which mirrored best commercial practice.

On stepping into the role of Chair in 2017, Transform’s then Chief Executive Paul Mitchell was planning his retirement so an early and crucial responsibility entrusted to me was to lead the search for an outstanding successor and ensure a smooth and seamless handover. Lawrence Santcross was duly appointed in 2018 and I must take this moment to express my gratitude to Lawrence for his exceptional leadership thus far. I believe our close collaboration, particularly in revitalising the Board of Trustees and bringing in the necessary expertise to realise our ambitious plans, has been instrumental in shaping Transform's progress.

During my tenure as Chair, I was also keen to re-evaluate our financial strategies, make a transformative shift in our approach to governance, and spearhead the development of fit-for-purpose technology tailored to fuel Transform's future success. From 2020 onward, these efforts – especially the digital and IT modernisation – proved to be pivotal not only in ensuring Transform's resilience during the challenging times of the Covid pandemic but also in helping the organisation grow and thrive.

I would like to take this note to extend my appreciation to our patrons, ambassadors and members, for their unwavering support. It was my pleasure to personally thank many of them last year at our gala evening to celebrate Transform’s 50th anniversary.
Transform will shortly be announcing my successor as Chair and so, as I pass on the baton, I do so with confidence that my tenure has helped steer Transform towards a future that will empower even more clients to gain independent and fulfilling lives. I very much look forward to witnessing the remarkable journey that lies ahead for Transform in years to come.

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