Meet the Reigate team

“Diversity is what makes our team unique. We all have different backgrounds, skills and employment histories, which ultimately connects us together.”

Our services

We support around 280 clients in Reigate, Redhill, Epsom, Leatherhead, Caterham, Dorking and Oxted. Our clients include people with mental health challenges or learning disabilities, drug and alcohol issues, a history of offending, and young people/families.

The team

Our history 
We are a team of about 15 people when fully staffed. There used to be fewer of us, but we merged with the Redhill team many years ago which also greatly increased the number of clients we support. These were all good changes though!

What makes us unique
Diversity is what makes our team unique. We all have different backgrounds, skills and employment histories, which ultimately connects us together.

When we assess a potential client, we’re pretty good at identifying who would be the best keyworker for that person. For example, one of our colleagues is excellent with complex needs, so she tends to work with 10 or 11 clients in that category. Another colleague – who just joined – has a teaching assistant background, and we’ve already identified he’d be great with clients who have mental health challenges or learning disabilities. 

Success stories

In general, our biggest success is moving people on in a planned and positive way. Because ultimately that’s what we’re here to do – help them live independently.

We’ve had people with a very long history of drug or alcohol issues move into our dry houses, turn their lives around and go on to have families, jobs, and their own homes. Years ago we had a client whose marriage broke down because of her drinking; she stayed with us for five or six years and was eventually able to get a property and live with her children again. That’s one of our biggest success stories.

Every client group is different. For some, maintaining three years of sobriety is a huge success in itself. Others will learn how to go shopping on their own and see that as a huge success. It all depends on the client group and the goals we’ve set out together. 

More News

In a major stride forward in its green journey, Transform Housing & Support has become Carbon Neutral by contributing to four, UN and UK-verified carbon offsetting projects. Carbon offsetting is when an organisation compensates for the environmental harm its emissions have caused. 
In a move which further bolsters its activity in Dorking, Transform Housing & Support has taken over a small housing association in the area.
Transform has welcomed a new strategic leader to its ranks. Ollie Smedley – formerly the Deputy Chair of Transform’s Board – has stepped up into the role of Chair of the Board of Trustees following Mark Austen’s recent retirement after six years in the role.
I am filled with immense pride at the milestones we have achieved together