Transform clients set to benefit from over £100,000 in two generous legacy donations

Two people with a strong connection to Transform have left donations in their wills to Transform. The money, which together totals more than £113,000, will be used to provide housing and support services to vulnerable and socially excluded people in need.

Both individuals had strongly believed in Transform’s purpose to enable people to live independent and fulfilling lives, Director of Client Services Adele Duncan explained. “Through their incredible generosity, many clients who are struggling with challenges such as being homeless or battling multiple health problems will benefit now and, in the future – which is a wonderful legacy to leave,” she added.

​​​​​​​The money will go towards supporting people like Christine – a domestic abuse survivor with former alcohol misuse issues – who has said about Transform: “Seriously, they saved my life.” Click here to hear Christine’s story and those of others who have been supported by Transform.

A photo of Transform client Christine
Clients like Christine will benefit from the legacies.

Established in 1972, Transform has been transforming lives for over 50 years and enables more than 1,800 people each year to have a home and achieve their goals.

If you would like to donate to Transform, or contact someone to talk about legacy giving, visit the donate page on our website.

If you would like to work for Transform and support people like Christine to turn their lives around, see our current job vacancies.

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